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A case study Famous Brands

Famous Brands

Famous Brands Ltd was Founded by George Halamandres and incorporated in 1969 as Steers Holdings. Now listed on the JSE as Famous Brands Ltd. With revenue of R7 Billion, over 2850 locations, 27 brands both in South Africa, rest of Africa and Europe, Famous brands is South Africa’s largest leading Franchisor.

In 2012 when Famous brands approached us they were in desperate need of a system that could automate the process of uploading daily sales figures from their franchises and vitally manage that process. With their continued acquisition of South Africa’s top food brands, so many locations and so many different staff members to rely on, managing the upload of the sales figures was becoming an almost impossible task.

Based on their experience, Famous Brands had some non-negotiable deliverables:

  1. The software should be POS hardware vendor agnostic
  2. The process should be completely automated
  3. There should be a portal where all the upload activity from all locations can be monitored
  4. The software should be easy to deploy without it being necessary to visit all the locations
  5. Data integrity checks must be conducted prior to delivery

The Pilot

After roughly 4 months of development time, a pilot project was run in 27 stores. For a period of 6 months that included continuous liaising with the Brand Managers and POS vendors.

The Pilot was run in 13 stores which had Micros POS devices, 7 with Aura POS devices and 7 in branches that are based at petrol stations, which manually upload their figures to an FTP server, from where our 1View collector fetches the file.

The Roll-out

After the Q&A testing period and sign-off from both the POS vendors and the Brand Managers the initial roll-out began in August 2012, Brand by Brand to over 300 locations and included:

  • Steers
  • Debonairs
  • Fishaways
  • Wimpy
  • Mugg n Bean

Massive Growth

The continued acquisition of new Brands by Famous brands that to date includes a total of 27 brands and 2294 locations, meant that the POS Vendor device agnosticism was tested to the max with the following POS vendors to support:

  • ADS
  • Aloha
  • Aura
  • Casio Till
  • CCS
  • Cosmos
  • Gaap
  • In Touch Link
  • ISYS
  • Micros
  • Pansonic
  • Pilot
  • POS Control
  • Power POS
  • Power Till
  • Quest
  • Unicorn POS

Process Management

Impressed by their interaction with Syncrony Digital through the initial activation and roll-out, Famous Brand’s management asked Syncrony Digital to be responsible for the Management of the process a task which prior to the implementation of the system was an almost impossible task to do.

Understanding the power of the UI(user interface) Dashboard which gives an holistic view of all reporting locations on a single screen,  Syncrony happily took on the task of managing to date( July 2018) 2294 locations. After 6 years, Syncrony Digital continue to carry out the task and the system has not gone down once, an extremely impressive statistic if we say so ourselves.


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