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About PosX Point of Sale Analytics Software

1View History

Back in 2006 Yum Restaurants International (KFC South Africa) approached us to automate a part of their franchises' end of day sales uploads. Stores were sending spreadsheets via email and then the data on the spreadsheet was being manually checked by 4 people before being sent to their BI system (business information)

Syncrony developed software to do 41 different data integrity checks, so the Data could be imported into the BI system without errors. The system also checks which franchises have not uploaded their sales figures and sends them an email reminder. The system will also escalate via email, if the franchise ignores the reminder.

In early 2012, we were approached by South Africa’s largest Franchisee which boasts 24 of SA’s most recognised fast food and restaurant brands. They had heard about the system we developed for Yum and wanted something similar, but with a twist. Their required specification, required the automation of the entire day-end sales figures' collection process. To add a major complication, the process had to operate seamlessly on point of sales hardware from as many as 12 different POS vendors. This was the Birth of 1View, called as such due to its core function of providing a global view of sales data.

Syncrony Digital

Syncrony was founded by DR Howard Rybko in 1999. Since its inception Syncrony has focused on custom software, the web and eCommerce and has a massive portfolio of work. Customers cover all spheres of industry, including SMEs, Corporate and Government. Clients include some of the most well-known brands in South Africa and internationally, with customers including Famous brands, Yum (KFC), Fedex, Pandora and PepsiCo and The Auditor General Of South Africa, to name but a few.

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