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How 1View works

5 phases to a Global View of Franchise Sales

1. The Collector

  • It’s a Smart-Application that runs on each POS
  • Operates in the background and uses minimal system resources
  • Every 24-hours, it retrieves the line-item sales from the POS database 
  • The sales data is compressed, encrypted and transmitted to the 1View Data Service
  • On delivery, the data is the logged and processed centrally
  • Data from offline stores is queued and transmitted  once connectivity is restored

2. Store activity monitoring

  • A dashboard displays all stores with unsuccessful data reports and previous reporting activity 

3. Central management of all stores

  • Includes individual store information such as trading status, trading currency, contact and location information (More…)

4. Data Warehouse

  • Data collected from the POS terminals is stored in a central data warehouse
  • Collected data can be verified or transformed based on user specified rules
  • Data can be ‘shipped’ to or made available for use by Business Intelligence (BI) systems

5. Business Intelligence

  •  Sales data can be imported directly into third party in third party BI systems
  • 1View also has its own built-in BI system that allows you to analyse the following data:
    • Specific store sales by data range
    • Comparison of same store sales from different date ranges
    • Comparison of different store sales for specific dates and date ranges
    • Sales by SKU’s and Categories
    • Sales by Region and Country specific dates and date ranges
    • Custom reports can be developed on request

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