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PosX Data Collector

Vendor Neutral POS Data Collection

The PosX 'Collector' is:

  • A service that runs locally on the POS and is vendor neutral
  • It has a tiny 'footprint' and will not interfere with any other services
  • It is set to launch at system startup, after which it runs in the background.

The PosX Collector uses a fixed folder structure to achieve the following:

  • 'Watches' for the sales data-file delivery to a specified folder on the POS;
  • Attempt to connect to the PosX Data Service, to upload the sales data-files.
  • Automatically retry the upload at set intervals, should the file delivery to the PosX Data Service fail
  • Transfer successfully uploaded files to an archive folder on the POS

POSx Uses a Flat File Format

The following, simply structured files are used for the POS data upload:

  1. Header file
  • This is comprised of a batch of transaction line items that contain general details for each order that includes: POS-ID, Currency, Transaction Dates & Times and overall order totals
  1. Line items file
  • This file Lists a breakdown of each line item by PLU/SLU, quantity and price
  1. Trigger file
  • Tinal single line summary of the transactions in the payload

Outro Strip

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